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E-Commerce and Your Customers

e-commerce customers

In our last post, we discussed the perks of e-commerce for businesses. However, there are other people that benefit from the use of e-commerce. Customers enjoy it for a variety of reasons. If customers find e-commerce beneficial, using it for your business may be the best choice for you to grow your business and become more profitable.

  1. Design- You want your website to be clean and easy to navigate for all customers. Customers like fast, convenient, and efficient browsing and checking out processes. If a consumer visits your website and can’t navigate the different pages or find where to check out, they will get frustrated and leave your website. This will leave your business with fewer customers and even less loyal ones. Customers appreciate good website design that is tailored to their needs.

  2. Delivery- Customers love speed when scrolling through different web pages. With a faster website, customers will obtain information more easily, making the process a breeze for them. This increases the chance that they will fulfill an order all the way through checkout. But even if they do not make a purchase in that specific browsing session, consumers certainly notice if websites take longer, ending in negative results for a company. Studies have shown fast website navigation increased sales.

  3. Selection- Allowing your customers to browse a wide variety of products is good in some instances, but customers don’t love this in every situation. Sometimes limiting your selection online could be a key to success. By helping the customer find items faster, this promotes easier customer decision making, and increased conversions. Overall, we aren’t saying you have to limit your product line or web design, but remember to equip your e-commerce site with thoughtfulness and strategy.

  4. Photos- Customers love images. Effective photography skills are a very beneficial tool when it comes to customer needs. Effective images can easily be linked to an increase in sales. Customers like to see products at different angles and colors without having to go into the physical store. If your website can’t provide a good look at your products, you may not see as many orders come through. Get creative.

  5. Brand- A large part of a company is its story. Consumers love brand stories and what the company is all about. Making sure your website has that story is a must. Show your customers what you're all about and what you stand for.

These are just a few things that customers love. Here at PayHub we offer equipment that makes the e-commerce process as easy as it gets with our credit card processing. Our payment processors connect with e-commerce websites with no hassle. To find out more information on how we pair with e-commerce visit our website or give us a call.

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