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The Dejavoo V8

dejavoo v8 credit card terminal

Each of our terminals at Payhub Payments are reliable, efficient, and speedy. One of these terminals is called the Dejavoo V8. This terminal is equipped with great connectivity that is integrated with Linux OS, Value added server, and Embedded SQL. Sales increase when using this terminal due to its high productivity level. The Dejavoo V8 has a USB port that allows software to be imported in less than a minute creating an easy and hassle-free environment for owners, meaning you can combine it with USB add-ons and a serial/pin pad port whenever. Security is a priority for PayHub and that is easy to see with this terminal. Without putting security at risk, the Dejavoo V8 has a punch for delivery.

Multiple applications can be found in the terminal as well, including PCI-compliant secure pin pads, EMV smart card reader, high quality backlit display, and additional services for owners and merchants. The terminal also includes 64 MB memory, with a customizable menu containing 20 different hot keys. You’ll also never have to worry about unanswered assistance, as it comes with on-screen help if needed. It has an efficient 100 mm printer and 50 foot paper roll.

This terminal gets to the problem before it even happens. If there is any suspicious or fraudulent transactions, the Dejavoo V8 will recognize it before the issue gets further. You can also register and record sales as long as you have an employee ID. A few more features include SMS messaging, chargeback notifications, automatic software updates and much more. The benefits of this terminal are endless, all making customers’ and owners’ lives faster and easier.

For more terminals and equipment to simplify the payment process visit our website or give us a call!

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