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Cardless ATMs


Dating back to the establishment of the first ATMs in the 1960’s, ATMs have always required physical credit and debit card acceptance. However, things are starting to change now. A new advancement has taken place with the creation of cardless ATMs. People will now be able to use a process that works similarly to new mobile payment methods. Many customers are now adopting these methods in stores, restaurants, and cafes, but the introduction of this technology into ATMs will allow it to be used at an even wider scale. More and more banks are hopping on board with this new advancement at an increasing rate. This new payment process lets customers use ATMs without having their debit or credit cards present.

Wells Fargo was one of the first banks to transform their ATMs. They did this by providing users of their app with an eight-digit code. Customers then use this eight-digit code and their own PIN to make the transaction. Additionally, you can also use a QR code (those square digital-looking barcodes that are easily scannable). Just present it at the ATM, scan it, and retrieve your cash. Essentially all you need is a smartphone, and you’ll be able to access cash whenever. Customers will no longer need to fret as to whether they have their card on them, all they’ll need is their phone and the app. With the rise of mobile payments, this ATM transition won’t be too difficult for most customers since they’re familiar with operating mobile payment processing.

Another bank offering this type of ATM is Bank of America. Their process involves three easy steps to access banking. The first is to link your debit card to your mobile wallet. Next, you’ll hold your smartphone over a contactless symbol located on the ATM. Lastly, you’ll simply enter your PIN number on the ATM (as done before cardless payments), and the process is complete.

Here at PayHub we offer equipment like the Clover and other terminals, that simplify payment processing, much like cardless ATMs. We also set up and install payment processing equipment that works in a similar fashion, ensuring customers will all be up to date by the time cardless ATMs roll out nationwide.

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