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The Key Benefits of a Merchant Account

merchant account benefits

At PayHub Payments we provide all the necessary tools to start a merchant account for your business ranging from terminals, to reward programs, to cost effective fees for your payment processing needs. All of our products are more affordable than other merchant accounts and are efficient, fast, and secure. Here are just a few of the ways we secure worthwhile benefits for your payment processing needs.

  1. Credit Cards- One of the more obvious benefits of a merchant account is that your company is able to accept credit and debit cards from your customers. In today’s age all consumers own a debit or credit card so if you can’t accept this form of payment, you are losing out on many customers. Additionally, at PayHub our terminals are equipped with mobile payment processing, including electronic credit card acceptance, which is becoming very popular.

  2. Increased Revenue- Another key advantage to a merchant account is increased sales. Research has shown that consumers spend more money if they are able to purchase items using a credit card as opposed to cash. Many customers don’t always have cash on hand and it isn’t ideal to visit the bank frequently. Additionally, impulse buys are more likely to occur with debit and credit cards too, resulting in rising sales for your business.

  3. Convenience- Merchant accounts eliminate customer inconvenience tremendously. With the wide variety of options that Payhub has for equipment and services, any customer has an option to suit their needs. With our terminals you are able to swipe, dip, or tap making the payment process a lot faster. This also aids in clearing any skepticism about security by using a chip card, which is actually a lot more secure due to its unique code inscribed within. Flexibility is important for customers, and the ability for your business to do that will reflect positively for them. Mobile payment options, secure credit card acceptance, reward programs, and gift cards all lead to customer loyalty because of their preference for convenience.

  4. Online payments- Through PayHub’s services, you are able to make payments online or through your phone. Customers enjoy online access as long as it is secure, and you can rest assured that ours is very protected. You are able to make online invoices, payments, reminders, scheduling and much more all through the internet. Although the internet isn’t always available, we have that covered because your business can still accept credit and debit cards using our equipment. A device like the Clover utilizes our offline technology.

To learn more about our services, the Clover, and our available terminals visit our website or give us a call.

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