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Tips for E-Commerce Conversion

e-commerce increase conversion tips

Having an e-commerce website provides many advantages for a business. But being able to sell those products online is not the easiest concept to execute for every company. Because online payments are often accompanied by some difficulty, here are some tips we believe can help raise conversion.

  1. Assure Security: In this day and age, consumers put a high priority on secure data regarding personal information linked to online payments. Luckily at PayHub Payments, all our equipment, like our EMV chip terminals, can aid consumers in this security worry that they may have. When customers trust that you are reliable and secure, your conversions are guaranteed to rise.

  2. Customer Choices: Consumers love having the ability to choose what works for themselves, whether it be payment method or card preference. This means your company should have multiple options and payment gateways for your customers to choose from. Customers feel their needs are met better when they get to choose what type of payment they want to check out with. Your company should encompass terminals and payment outlets that allow for different credit and debit card acceptance, cash, mobile payments, Bitcoin, and more. PayHub’s terminals allow for these options, and by allowing your customer to choose the payment method they prefer, you will be rewarded in sales.

  3. Seamless Navigation: Fact: customers prefer what is easiest. When customers are perusing your website, navigation should be simple, quick, and effortless. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to convert these perusers into loyal customers. Additionally, the online checkout process has to provide an efficient and uncomplicated experience in order to reduce customer frustration and build customer loyalty. A simple shopping cart button, visible for all consumers to see or a “check out now” will surely aid in a smoother checkout transition.

  4. Monitor Inventory: Having inventory available and ready at all times is important to keep sales flowing. If a customer wants to place an order, but you don’t have enough inventory, that stops a sale right in its tracks. Not only is it a lose due to lost profit, but it also shows that customer that your business is not efficient and customer needs do not always come first. So by making sure your company is prepared for demand, you can really push conversions. Our top selling device, the Clover, does a great job at tracking and analyzing inventory for all types of businesses, so if your business is having trouble with replenishment, we have the solution.

E-commerce can be very rewarding for a company, but also has to be done right. With reliable security, effortless website navigation, variety, and fully stocked inventory your online gateway will run smoothly and allow customers an easier decision, leading to increased conversion. Customers are the key to your business so keeping them happy and providing effective experiences online or in stores can change conversions easily.

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