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Introducing Clover Flex

clover flex

The Clover has a new addition to its family and we’re very excited to share it with you. The Clover is an extremely versatile machine that offers many models including a Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station, and a Clover Go, allowing customers to choose any style they want for their business. The Clover hasn’t stopped growing and continues to get even better because it has added yet another unique model called the Clover Flex. What differentiates the Clover Flex?

  1. Portable Build: The Clover Flex is truly made for flexible, on the go convenience. It wants you to be able to do business conveniently wherever you go. This device is remarkably portable because it allows easy access for tapping, dipping, swiping and isn’t limited by setup. It can be conveniently handed to the customer, and isn’t clunky or weighed down. Need to checkout in an aisle, table, countertop, street--you name it and the Clover Flex can do it.

  2. Payment Variety: The Clover Flex may be small, but it doesn’t skimp on options for payment. This POS system accepts all payment types including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, cash, NFC payments, gift cards, and more. There Clover isn’t limited in any way by increased mobility. A nice additional feature is that the Clover Flex can give you meticulous reports and track sales in real time. These reports can be found on the Clover Flex itself, or you can access them from other mobile apps and devices.

  3. Expansion: Growing your business to new heights is a challenging task, but the Clover Flex is with you each step of the way. It provides inventory, customer management, an all-in-one payment acceptor, and POS system to aid in expanding your company with ease, no matter where you physically decide to take your business.

  4. Solidify Signatures: For customer signatures, the Clover Flex takes it to 2017 and puts customer needs first. The Clover Flex authorizes customer purchases through accepting electronic signatures, text, and email receipts. Consumer information is stored so that each time a customer revisits the store their information is easily accessible. This also helps to eliminate the amount of customer paper receptis that can pile up as a result.

  5. High Quality Features: The Clover Flex has a built in camera and barcode scanner. There is also a high speed wireless 3G. 1.6GHz Quad Core A7, and the HD display stands at 5 inches with a 1280 x 720 LCD color screen for clear, sleek images and more.

  6. Offline Capability: Every time the internet is down, it could mean your business is losing potential sales. The Clover Flex guarantees you won’t lose sales as a result of this mishap, because it offers an offline mode, meaning your business is still able to accept payments when the internet is down. As soon as the internet is back up and running, the Clover Flex immediately runs the payments through, ensuring no sale was lost.

When running a business, you want equipment you can trust. With all Clover models you are guaranteed to have high quality systems you can rely on. Clover devices are unique, especially the Clover Flex, and are built purposefully for all types of businesses. The Clover Flex provides unique, helpful features that will allow your business to thrive anywhere. Click here to learn more or purchase one of your own!

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