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Clover App: Insight

clover insight app

Insight is an application you can find on Clover devices, that will be sure to put you ahead of the the game. This informative app gives you the tools to become a leading company in the market through innovation. Insight gives you an effortless look into your competition with just the push of a button. It provides an analysis on different sales from your competitors and compares it with your profit as an efficient engine. Browsing competitors’ business sales and clients can aid in seeing what pros and cons your company has, and re-adjusting to see what you may need to change. Insight unlocks your transaction and processing data to help expand your business and broaden your company's horizons. Insight encompasses four main objectives; read below to find out what they are.

  1. New Perspectives: With this app, you attract endless opportunities for new ideas and customers. It is equipped with technology that can track customer patterns, which in return can help your business engage customers alike. Insight also lets your business discover unique perspectives due to this advanced tracking.

  2. Achievement: Tracking, analyzing, and evaluating business performance is key for success. Insight is a tool that lets you dissect your marketing and company work so that you are able to learn from mistakes or continue the positive efforts for future growth.

  3. Pinpoint the Market: Insight aids in pushing your business market forward. One part of the app finds customer profiles and organizes them in different categories so it is easier for your team to advertise and send information in a more efficient way; saving time, money, and effort.

  4. Development: As mentioned above Insight helps with the expansion of finding similar customers, but also larger audiences as well. By browsing competition and your own sales, the development process for your company can positively increase with Insight technology.

With Clover and the hundreds of applications found on this device, your business is guaranteed to be a success. With this cutting edge technology your business will benefit in many ways. Insight will be sure to compensate your business by finding new customers, sales, and opportunities. Learn more at

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