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Need Feedback? Check out Feedback for Clover!

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One of the greatest things about the line of Clover devices is that there are over 200 apps in the Clover app market that you can download and add on to enhance your business experience. If your business has specific needs, there is likely an app for it that allows you a degree of customization. Today we’ll be highlighting one of the most popular and useful apps offered, called Feedback.

Feedback has a simple concept, it’s all in the name! However, it’s extremely useful for owners of businesses of all types: those who may be just starting out, those looking to make some changes and needing direction, or those that are established but hitting a point of stagnation. Feedback gives you the opportunity to hear directly from your customers each time they complete a transaction.

So how exactly does it work? Feedback prints a unique link for the customer to leave their private feedback right at the bottom of every receipt. The form itself is simple and allows customers the convenience to complete it swiftly while still providing enough room for detail. When they have completed the form, the feedback will appear directly in your email inbox. You also have the option to reply when you think appropriate.

Feedback is simple and straightforward. It requires no additional setup—just a simple download to your Clover device. Perks of this app also include the ability to make up for negative feedback with coupons or other options. You can also view the order that corresponds to each feedback note, which helps to paint a clearer picture of what exactly went wrong or what went right, with data to back it up if needed.

Using Feedback may lead to surprising results. Perhaps something you were confident in implementing is not popular with customers, or something you thought to be insignificant is actually greatly appreciated by customers.

Using Feedback can also help prevent negative feedback from appearing on Yelp or other public review sites. Because customers have this opportunity to give these critiques to the business itself, they may refrain from taking it to the public if they feel their complaint has been listened to. Many use websites like Yelp solely because their voice could not be heard by the business owner or they were ignored by them, but if they can leave negative comments privately, it makes it much easier for an issue to be resolved without discouraging others from doing business here, and also facilitates a better method of finding a solution.

Virtually any business could use Feedback, because no business is truly above listening to feedback from customers. Even the most popular and respected businesses surely have some room for improvement, and by listening to customers’ comments directly, you can work to make your business more successful with each transaction! Download Feedback in your Clover's app market today.

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