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Going Wireless for Your Outdoor Event

wireless terminals outdoor event

If you are part of a business that frequently utilizes outdoor locations, you may want to consider switching over to a wireless terminal. This betters your business in more ways than one, and makes paying a lot more convenient for your customers too. Brick and mortar locations are changing, and since e-commerce is continuing to dominate, it’s important to stay current in a time where consumers want the ability to pay as easily as possible.

Many businesses function in outdoor settings every day. Farmers markets have hundreds of vendors, many restaurants are do most of their business outdoors, and events pop up all the time with booths for individual businesses to sell their products or services. And while we may be used to the traditional ways of doing things, it’s important to think about how often we’re in instances where something like a wireless terminal would be the most effective method to pay.

Most of us have attended an outdoor concert or a ballgame. Using a wireless terminal is ideal for scenarios like these, where maybe consumers don’t want to lose their spot or leave their seat to find a stand selling water, and instead want to purchase from someone walking around with a terminal that takes card payments. And not only are people carrying less and less cash these days, but at events like these, people prefer not to carry cash for the fear of losing it or having it stolen.

It’s becoming more and more important to offer wireless terminals at events that have been traditionally cash only. No one wants to have to turn away a potential customer that only carries a card. Using a wireless terminal also removes the spending limitations that sometimes come from cash. If someone visits your stand at a farmers market with just $30 in cash, that’s all they can spend. But if you use a wireless terminal, they can dip into any funds in their account. Adopting a wireless terminal at farmers market stands has been shown to boost sales significantly, sometimes even doubling them.

Restaurants are modernizing and making paying more convenient for customers. Is there anything worse than waiting to pay when you’re ready to leave? Instead of waiting for the bill, customers can pay from the table with a tablet or other wireless device. This increases speed so customers can get in and out when they want to, and you can get more customers in. Be sure to stay up to date with the modernized dining experience.

A wireless terminal also gives you the flexibility and mobility that your business might benefit from. Using a wireless terminal in a specialized retail location where you can show a customer to an item and order it right there will enhance customer experience and promote better buying decisions. And for those with a connected e-commerce store, using a wireless terminal allows you to show online products to a customer and let you complete an online purchase for them right there.

PayHub’s favorite wireless terminal is currently the Clover Mobile, which is perfect for food trucks, festivals, pay at the table restaurants, or anywhere else where customers are looking to grab and go. Check out everything you need to know about the Clover here!

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