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The Versatility of Clover Devices

clover devices versatility

The Clover line currently consists of 5 models, having just recently released their latest addition, the Clover Flex. The devices range from countertop stations to a small square that your card can be inserted into. The beauty is that you can essentially have a Clover terminal no matter what kind of business you run, no matter where that business works out of. Clover provides a range of devices that work for any business style, whether you’re at the counter or in a food truck. Here’s a run down of their terminals.

The Clover Station is closest to your traditional POS system. The Clover Station is for businesses that see the same countertop format to assisting customers daily. Traditional retail locations, grab & go restaurants, or what have you. The Clover Station makes it far more time efficient to wait in line, pay, complete your transaction & go. The Clover Station fits best with good old fashioned brick and mortar locations as opposed to more mobile ones. But traditional doesn’t have to mean stale. The Clover Station is modern and sleek, able to pivot for easier accessibility and is extremely reliable in function.

The Clover Mini is a more compact version of the Clover Station, so you can have all the same features but with a fraction of the space. Want to be able to accept EMV and contactless payments? The Mini can do that. This device multitasks, yet won’t clog up your workspace area. This device is perfect for businesses with limited room, and would benefit from a smaller terminal.

The Clover Flex combines the best of countertop and mobile terminals, making it easy for businesses to accept payments if their business is somewhere in between. If you have a paying area, but may need to pick up the terminal and take it with you when moving from one station to another to complete a transaction, the Clover Flex works perfectly. Process as you go and don’t limit transactions to a single counter, let them be made anywhere within your space!

The Clover Mobile is a handheld device that can travel with you when your business needs to. It can make ASAP payments so you don’t keep your customers waiting. For businesses that move and have employees that move around, this is the most suitable terminal. Food trucks, festivals, pay at the table restaurants, or anywhere else customers need to make their payment and be on the move. This can also be an option to pair with your Clover Station, so you can tackle a long line from two ways. Pay at the countertop and have customers pay from the line at the same time. Work the floor of your business instead of waiting for customers to come to you.

The Clover Go is perfect for, well, going. This is the smallest device offered by Clover, all it is is a small square that your card can be inserted into. If your business is a one-person show, you can take this device with you anywhere in order to be able to accept payments no matter the location. Despite its small size, the Clover Go still accepts many types of payments, like traditional swipes and dips, contactless payments, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay.

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