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The Rise of Unattended Payments

unattended payment solutions

Did you ever think it would be this easy to pay somewhere without an attendant? Unattended payments are becoming more secure and efficient due to advancing technology. Customers are choosing self-service options more and more, so it’s important that payment technology takes this into consideration. You may just start seeing more unattended payment technology as the industry determines what is most efficient.

These unattended payments didn’t just appear out of nowhere, though. They arose specifically because of the demand of consumers and the changing payment standards. Because card use continues to rise, and things like Apple Pay and Android Pay are also gaining in popularity, businesses that could benefit from unattended payment technology should think about implementing it or risk falling behind. In a world that is considerably fast-paced, many prefer to do it themselves instead of going through an associate (think about how long self-checkout can be at the grocery store). If it is something that is relatively self-service, your business may gain by implementing unattended payment technology.

Parking meters, vending machines, pharmacy pickup windows are examples of things that work better with unattended payments. They’ve advanced to the point where multiple payment options are accepted, so it’s important for other businesses to follow suit. Using unattended payments means that your business is no longer confined to retail hours, cash transactions, or time zones. They can provide the full spectrum of payments, like smartcards, magstripe, contactless, NFC, and so on. They can also be indoors or outdoors, and are heavily weather and vandalism resistant.

It’s becoming easier and easier to make self-service payments when using unattended payment solutions, and we see this only increasing as time goes on. You can check out more information about unattended payments by visiting our friends at Ingenico.

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