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4 Ways to Use Clover Go This Summer

use clover go summer

Get outside. Take your business outdoors in these warm summer months. Outdoor activities are huge in the summer, and many use that factor as the reason for choosing to visit certain places. Restaurants in particular find a huge boost in business when they offer outdoor enjoyment. If your business is something that can be moved outside for a few hours a day, go for it! Clover Go makes this possible so you won’t have to go back inside to complete a purchase.

Wait on them instead of having them wait for you. Use Clover Go to go to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. This can be largely beneficial when there is a long line. Use the Clover Go to get ahead of the game and break down lines. Not only is it quicker than a regular terminal with fewer options, you can actually get out there and interact with customers while working to make lines shorter.

Move around. Many locations, whether retail, restaurant, or what have you, have a specific location where you must pay. Clover Go lets you move around your location and have the ability to pay wherever you go. This efficiency can help customer experience, because you’ll now have the ability to walk a customer around your store to show them an item that they can purchase right there, or let a customer pay for their meal at the table instead of waiting to come back with the check. You can also capture more impulsive purchases if the product is directly in front of you with the opportunity to purchase simply and quickly!

Take your business mobile. Because you aren’t limited to a single location anymore, you can freely go where you haven’t before and take mobility to the next level. Have an off-location activity to bring in new customers, host an event, set up a booth, make an appearance at other occasions or events. Get out in the field and take up the opportunity to bring in new customers!

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