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Employee Spotlight: Abram

payhub employee spotlight

We think it's important to feature our incredible, hardworking employees! This month, we're chatting with Abram! He gave us a little information about what it's like working at PayHub.

What is your role at PayHub?

I am the Sales and Business Development Manager.

What does PayHub provide that others can’t?

A lot of time, merchant service providers boast about how much money they can save a client. PayHub is similar in this regard, we offer great savings for all of our clients. Affordable cost, though always important, isn’t the only benchmark that PayHub upholds. We pride ourselves on great customer service. We take our clients' relationships beyond the standard merchant service relationship. We prefer that you don’t just call when you have a problem, but you can contact us whenever you have any questions about payment processing. We even try to find new ways to show our clients we appreciate them. We want to be used like a resource instead of just a service.

What are 3 words you would use to describe PayHub?

Flexible – Supportive - Unbeaten

What has been the most exciting thing to learn about since joining PayHub?

The intricacies of processing payments. There are so many little things that make payment processing work. You can search processing payments on YouTube or Google. Many sources try to break down the system as simply as they can for the typical consumer to understand. However, when you dig deeper into the process, it’s very complex.

What are you most proud of with your work at PayHub?

I’m really proud of the strategic planning I’ve been involved in. PayHub has always been willing to listen to new ideas. We all try to create new ways to better assist our current clients and consumers that may want to use PayHub in the future. There are a few projects I am working on that I am very proud of. We are reaching out to a new market that will benefit a lot of non-profit groups and small businesses.

An interesting fact about yourself:

My ankles crack non-stop. You can hear it when I walk. It’s a very old track and field injury.

Abram may be a point of contact for you when calling the PayHub Payments offices, so as he said, don't hesitate to reach out for any type of inquiries!

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