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Which Clover is Right for Your Business? : A Guide - Part Two

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With a line of 5 unique Clover devices, it may be difficult to assess which one is the right choice for your business, but we’re here to give you a guide to choosing which traits are ideal for your business. Check out part one here where we talk about the Clover Station and Clover Mini!

Clover Flex

This device is exactly what it sounds like: flexible to your needs! This device can be mobile or in a standard countertop setting, and can accept swipe, EMV, and contactless payments, which is perfect for a changing and fast-paced environment. Retail environments that have a system that allows employees to move around the store assisting customers and suggesting products can benefit from a Flex, since the customer would not have to return to a paying station. A business like a florist, where customers can go around and select their arrangements with the help of an associate would pair perfectly with this type of terminal!

Clover Mobile

The Clover Mobile is the size of a mobile phone and handheld with the option of a stand. This is ideal for restaurants that choose to implement pay-at-the-table services, which customers are increasingly growing to prefer. This duality shortens the waiting process for customers, because they can either have the server process their payment from the table, eliminating wait time, or they can pay it themselves without assistance.

Because this device is mobile, it’s also a great option for businesses that travel to other locations to sell out of a stand or a booth. If your business frequents events, the Clover Mobile is the most convenient payment option for both you and your customer. You can choose to have your Clover Mobile set up with a stand, but if the transaction takes you elsewhere, you can get up and move around with it too! This is perfect for showing off products and services to customers while giving them the option to buy right then and there, too!

Clover Go

This device is for those businesses that don’t have a traditional way to pay. There’s no countertop in sight, associates move with you around the location, and sometimes there isn’t a set location! The Clover Go is perfect for the most mobile businesses, we’re talking food trucks, individuals that perform a service outside of their own office, or businesses that frequent booths at larger events.

This is the smallest, most efficient device, and can be easily passed back and forth from customer to associate. Think vendor at a baseball game. They’re walking around with snacks and waters with no terminal in sight, and previously if you didn’t have cash you were out of luck. Not true anymore! With the help of a device like the Clover Go, you don’t have to be limited by your surroundings.

Think about how you pay when you order from a food truck: it needs to be quick, simple, and require minimal handwork (as you don’t wanna drop those nachos when they’re handed to you from high up!). Not only is it an easier way to pay, the speedy transactions help to move lines more quickly, so no one has to wait around when they want to grab their food and go.

Clover supplies a variety of terminals that are suitable for any business - which one works for yours? Let us know here!

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