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Client Spotlight: Engrave It Houston

client spotlight engrave it houston

Engrave It Houston provides Custom and Industrial engraving and marking services for clients around the country. Our mission is to delight! Relationships are important to us. We want our customers to know we have their backs – once their order is placed, there is no stress. For industrial customers, needs are very specific and time sensitive. We get them what they need, when they need it: Quality, Accuracy, Fast – Easy - Done! We love to work with our corporate clients for their branding needs… Customized stainless steel tumblers such as Yeti and their competitors are perfect for customer appreciation, employee awards, year-end gifts, etc… For our custom clients, we are one of the few companies that will take their project and make it a reality. We have also recently launched a new line of products created especially for realtor closing gifts: RealHome by Engrave It Houston.

We originally started in the wholesale Gift and Home Décor market, with showrooms around the country. We kept having people contact us, asking: “Can you do this? Can you make this?” We opened Engrave It Houston to meet those needs. After running both companies concurrently for several years, we finally closed the gift and home décor company to focus fully on Engrave It Houston. That change enabled us to grow in several new areas, add new equipment, (such as color printing), and meet even more needs through different processes and markets.

We have several different niche markets, so we have several different “ideal clients”… Our industrial clients that order repeatedly are extremely important to our company. Our “RealHome” closing gifts make a successful residential realtor an ideal client, and our corporate accounts that customize products for clients and employees are a great match for our services.

The best part is delighting our clients! We go above and beyond their expectations, and they are so appreciative! I love to see happy customers!

I have learned so many things… I think most important is building relationships. People matter. In today’s society, with so much technology at our fingertips, people can still make the difference. Customer service is what sets you apart. You also need to educate your clients, to help them achieve the best of what they want.

Know your client’s needs, and go beyond that.

What is your favorite part about working with PayHub Payments? “The people. Our representative, Dan Robbins, is always quick to respond and very helpful.”

We welcome any phone calls or emails regarding customizing your items or ours!

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