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Why Pay-at-the-Table is Taking Over

pay-at-the-table clover terminals

Ways to pay are transforming and adapting, with more options available than ever. Because of new technology, types of businesses, and customer preferences, customers can make payments even more conveniently than before. A method preferred by many restaurants is slowly taking over in the industry because of its convenience and ease.

Pay-at-the-table is exactly what it sounds like; it gives customers the ability to pay from a terminal stationed at the table instead of using a server as a medium to process the payment. Think self-checkout at the grocery store. Customers now don't have to wait to pay, or can take all the time they want.

Allowing customers to pay at the table eliminates waiting time because many of the steps involved are simply not a part of the equation anymore. You no longer have to wait for a server to give you your bill, come back to take your payment, process your payment, and come back with your receipt to leave a tip on. This is oftentimes a frustration for customers who are ready to leave the establishment, but have to wait through all these steps. On the other hand, many like to stay and enjoy themselves instead of paying immediately after eating, and often feel like they are being rushed by their server to pay and leave. Pay-at-the-table lets customers go at their own speed, making experience much more enjoyable for them.

Hospitality is a big component of the restaurant industry, and owners must ensure their patrons' needs are met to run a successful business. This method is all about what best suits customer needs. Customer satisfaction is increased with pay-at-the-table technology, because they can pay at their own convenience, whatever that pace may be. This leads to less complaints about servers or wait time.

Not only does this please customers, it may just give your staff those valuable minutes they need. This method of payment is well suited for busier restaurants or establishments who may need those extra minutes for their staff to focus on other tasks, increasing efficiency for your business. Walking back and forth with the payment, receipts, etc. can add up to be a sizable amount of wasted time when there are other tasks at hand.

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