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Let Us Help You with E-Commerce and Mobile Processing

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E-commerce is growing, with many businesses choosing to forgo your traditional brick-and-mortar location for a fully accessible online store. No matter your situation, whether you only work with e-commerce or you have paired it with your physical location, PayHub has the technology to work with you to process credit card payments for your customers. We can connect a payment gateway, a payment processor, or both with your e-commerce shop to best fit your needs!

Mobile processing can also be a way for your business to spring forward. People are choosing to pay with a mobile device more and more frequently. We have found a vast amount of businesses benefit from using mobile processing as a form of payment, including in-home and delivery services, trade shows, farmers markets, outdoor seating check-out, and in-store retail locations. Perhaps this would be a great opportunity for your business to increase its revenue streams too? Many of these businesses would not think mobile processing suited their needs, but have found major success in implementing it. It has allowed them to transform their businesses to become more mobile, accommodating, and convenient to customers.

Customers choose mobile payments for a number of reasons. It removes the hassle of keeping track of multiple cards with the ability to keep them all on a phone. Card safety is not just about keeping information encrypted, it’s also about the physical safety of the card. A card being lost or stolen is far more likely when it is being physically carried around with you. By streamlining payments, it makes it more efficient and safe for paying customers.

PayHub can implement these updates for your business and work to make sure you are prepared for any kind of payment that comes across. Implementing processes that would allow for mobile and e-commerce is the first step to increasing your revenue streams!

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