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Learn About PayHub's Summer Lunch Tour!

west hartford restaurants

The PayHub team has been having a great summer and start to fall-- because we've gotten to try out so many new restaurants! The PayHub team has been dining out for bi-weekly lunches around our office in West Hartford Center to do some team bonding and check out what the local cuisine has to offer in this booming area of Connecticut.

There are so many excellent restaurants to choose from in the area, and they're all within walking distance! There's nothing worse than the food envy you get from hearing your co-workers gush about a restaurant you haven't tried, so the PayHub team decided to take up the opportunity to start having team lunches! Every other week, one member of the team takes their pick. Sometimes we're no stranger to the restaurant choice, but oftentimes it gives us a great opportunity to try a new restaurant and interact with the local businesses of the area!

Check out the map: have you tried any of these awesome places? We're now moving on to restaurants in the Avon area. Let us know your favorites! Your suggestion could be our next destination.

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