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Why Should You Be PCI Compliant?

pci compliance important

PCI compliance is a term that is used quite frequently, but many don’t understand the importance of it. PCI compliant is a term created by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that refers to a higher level of security, and is required by all companies that accept card payments. These safety measures ensure security of your customers’ card data and personal information through different means of encryption and standards.

Added security is great, but is it necessary when you already have a seemingly secure system? Absolutely. Fraudsters and thieves keep an eye on opportunities to break in every day, and if your system is behind, you are an easy target. PCI compliance is essential in today’s day and age to maintain security and protect against a data breach.

Being PCI compliant adds you to the network of those who are striving towards a more secure future where all businesses have this measure of security and paying is regarded as being much safer. If every business were involved, the industry would be more secure as a whole! The more businesses that adopt PCI compliance, the more secure the network will be moving into the future, and enhance the paying procedure overall.

Being PCI compliant means that customers can trust you to keep their information secure, and won’t have to feel any worry after they swipe or insert their cards. People often worry about the security of their data because of how many breaches have affected the public. Being PCI compliant would make you a more trustworthy business. After all, how many people stopped going to businesses like Target when they had a data breach? PCI compliant measures can shield you from this backlash.

When you stay compliant, you become part of the solution that the Payment Card Industry is trying to obtain, and you are joining to make the payment industry safer for all customers - yourself included! We all have been customers and made purchases, and don’t you want to feel safe with your own card too? Being PCI compliant will help your business stand with the united, global response to fighting fraud and scam, and protecting the data of your customers.

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