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Check Out Our Equipment Rental Program!

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Did you know we are now offering a new terminal rental program here at PayHub? This option can aid in increasing cash flow for your business and give you a piece of equipment that does more than just offer a payment solution. We can discuss which option works best to ensure profitability for your business.

Need to upgrade your equipment to become PCI compliant? This program is also the most efficient way to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry standard, which contains the most security for card safety and fraud protection. Instead of working to upgrade your current equipment, or if you don’t currently own a card processor, we can provide you with one that already contains the most secure and up to date technology, which both you and your customers can trust.

Using one of our state of the art POS systems can allow you to tie many different functions together by way of customization and apps. A terminal now has the ability to do more than just process payments! It can be a time clock, scheduling tool, inventory tracker, data reporting tool or much more. No need to purchase multiple solutions when a POS system or terminal can harbor all these necessary functions at once.

There are many reasons to opt for a new terminal. Maybe you want some new technology, need a more compact countertop solution, a device that can be made mobile, or something that accepts chip payments. We offer solutions for all these inquiries.

This program offers affordable solutions for the highest grade technology out there today. For example, this program allows you to rent (to own!) a Clover Station for as low as $41 per month. Contact us today to select a terminal that best suits your business needs, and we can set up the perfect rental program for you.

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