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10 Reasons PayHub's Service is Like No Other

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1. PayHub takes you to the 21st century with e-commerce.

As e-commerce continues to grow as a popular option for businesses, PayHub can work with you to provide seamless credit card processing even through e-commerce. Get your business online and see it grow even further!

2. PayHub has the best technology on the market.

PayHub’s terminals are unparalleled: we have terminals ranging from the sturdy traditional models to sleek innovative systems. Our shining star is the Clover - which comes in 5 different models, and can be customized for any business. Our terminals can take your POS system to the next level, and don’t have to simply be JUST a way to take payments.

3. Our customer service can’t be beat.

When you call PayHub with an issue, you know you will be speaking to an expert that knows you, your business, and the ins and outs of the industry. Those who call PayHub know they will be speaking with Dan or Abram, and have come to develop productive working relationships because of the excellent help provided. This is far more helpful than being met with a robotic automated message telling you to “press 1 for assistance”.

4. Looking for that little bit extra? We supply other services for your business.

Things that go beyond general ‘payment processing’ mumbo jumbo, like customized gift cards or reward programs, can be put in place for you and your business. Reloadable gift cards are known to boost your bottom line and reward programs compel customers to keep coming back. We can customize the perfect program for your specific business.

5. Security is a top priority.

Keeping your data safe is of the utmost importance to us. Not only are all our terminals PCI compliant and up to industry standard, we also have a secure gateway to access your PayHub account for online access, transactions and secure file upload.

6. Our fully stocked shop is sure to fit all your needs.

Beyond terminals, PayHub provides adequate supplies and equipment to suit the rest of your business’s needs. Accessories for your terminals are available, like thermal paper and connecting devices, which are necessities that your business needs in the day-to-day.

7. Our one-on-one service and expertise is unmatched.

Having trouble with your terminal? Need to see one of our team members to have them service it? No problem, if you’re local, we can come to you. We know the importance of a terminal, and when you find yours is working improperly, it’s important that it gets up and running immediately. Our knowledgeable team members (that you know and work with regularly) can come in to help!

8. We offer an excellent rental program.

This simple solution allows for the best cash flow for your business. In our rent-to-own program, we will get you set-up with the equipment that is best suited to update your business and ensure you are in compliance.

9. PayHub is perfect for those looking to partner.

Looking for a business partnership? PayHub has also got that covered. Whether you are just referring a friend, looking for a mutually beneficial business partnership or looking to build a revenue stream, working with PayHub Payments gives you many options while working with a company you can trust.

10. PayHub lets you get mobile.

A popular service is the ability to give you a terminal that can be more mobile AND the ability to accept mobile payments. This makes your business more flexible and up to date. Mobile payments can be what your business has been missing all along and prove to be a valuable source of revenue. PayHub can get you set up with mobile processing to make your business more efficient

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