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5 Businesses That Could Use a Clover Device This Holiday Season - PART TWO

clover terminal holiday shopping

Welcome to part 2 of our series! Here are a few businesses we think would benefit from adding a Clover device to their payment process.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are everywhere: you can find them at parties, weddings, special events, breweries, festivals, and other popular get togethers. But just because it gets a little bit colder during the holiday season doesn’t mean their business comes to a halt; with the increase in holiday events many still utilize food trucks all year long, and warmer areas of the country never face issue with the weather. Food trucks are growing in popularity, particularly with millennials and younger generations because they provide an easy way to get a grab & go meal. Part of this ease comes from the ability to pay: but not without an excellent terminal. Cash flow can double if food truck owners use a terminal that can accept any form of payment, and adds to the convenience that customers love.

Doctors Offices and Other Care Services

People tend to flock to care-based services at the end of the year, whether they are necessities (eye doctor, dentist, etc.) or optional (massages, facials, etc). The need to squeeze that last appointment in before the new year is a common theme for many, and the process can be made easier by an efficient terminal. Not only can a terminal like the Clover Station process a client’s payment swiftly, but it can also act as a scheduling tool for appointments, keep track of client profiles and history, and integrate a planning element that you did not have previously. This will help you stay more organized during the season. Many small businesses that operate using the same model (life coaches, counselors, nutritionists, etc.) and work out of some sort of office, but don’t have an assistant to work with scheduling may benefit from this too.

Retail Locations

Everybody knows the holiday season is prime time for retail locations. The hustle and bustle of a mall, a standalone store, or a strip mall is nothing new to consumers. It’s not unusual to see a long line at a popular specialty gift shop or a clothing store. A more flexible terminal can eliminate some of this hassle that comes from lengthy lines, confusing prompts, or failure to accept payments. The constraint of an outdated terminal can be very time consuming, and hinder customer experience. As shoppers are becoming more modern, many are paying with methods like Apple Pay or Android Pay, and need a terminal that can keep up. A Clover device will accept all payments, keep prompts straight to the point, and streamline the entire process, benefiting both you and your customer. They also look sleek and stylish, many retail locations focus on aesthetics of the environment and want to provide a feeling or mood, so having a sleek terminal instead of a clunky outdated one can help.

Even after the holidays, businesses still experience a surge in customers: those wanting to spend their holiday money, use gift cards, or just embrace the season as a time to spend more time with their loved ones. Implementing a new Clover device for the holiday season can have benefits that go beyond the winter months!

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