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Does Your Business Need the Dejavoo Z11?

Looking for an effective new terminal to pair with your business? The Devajoo Z11 terminal may be the exact model your business could use to make the paying process THAT much better. In a market where there are a number of different, popular terminals, it can be difficult to differentiate and decide which is best for your business. We’ll go through all of our favorite features that make the Dejavoo Z11 one of the most effective terminals for any business.

The Dejavoo Z11 is a compact countertop payment terminal, making it an ideal size for any business, no matter your counter space or setup.

The Dejavoo Z11 has both a contactless and EMV chip reader, which are essentials for any booming business. Additonally, customers are choosing to use different forms of payment beyond cash and card, which is no problem for the Dejavoo Z11, because it accepts them all, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV chip readers, or classic mag stripe cards. It’s capabilities make it the ideal terminal for businesses that see a wide variety of payments coming from their customers.

This easy-to-use EMV payment system is also ideal for any type of buyer, because as chipped cards become more integrated into public use, there are varying levels of familiarity with them. The Dejavoo Z11 makes paying simple for all customers, with clear and direct instructions and buttons, which minimize error and provide a visually pleasing display. Merchants in particular love the simplicity of the Dejavoo programming, because it makes transactions that much easier for their customers, no matter the type of transaction they perform.

You also have the option to go green with the Dejavoo Z11! You’ll get options for electronic receipts that can be sent via a method of their choosing: either email or text message, so you an stop wasting paper on receipts.

The Dejavoo also has a number of great additional features that are specific to your type of business, like EMV tip adjustment for restaurants or built in loyalty programs that eliminate the hassle of physical cards or host communication.

Contact us today to be set up with a Dejavoo Z11 terminal for your business!

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