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Clover App Updates: What Should You Have on Your Clover This Month?

clover app market updates

The Clover app market has a growing collection of hundreds of apps that are able to be seamless integrated into any business through any Clover device. With this comes new opportunities to save you time and effort, simplify tasks, and produce results more effectively through the simple download of an app. What app are we loving this month?


One of the best things you can implement for your dedicated customers is a loyalty program. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, where you’ll get their continued business, and they will receive a number of VIP perks that will keep them coming back.

Loyalzoo offers a paid loyalty program with customizable options. Choose to bill your customers weekly or monthly, and decide what type of benefits and offers your customers will receive in return for their subscription. Through membership programs, you can increase sales and create consistent revenue streams by offering VIP benefits your customers can’t pass up. Free baked goods, complementary extra espresso shots, 20% discounts on lunch, complementary upgrades, you can decide whatever works best for your business.

This gives you a recurring revenue stream when your customers are billed monthly, and encourages additional purchases. This doesn’t just benefit you on the business end, however. It can help to strengthen relationships with your customers. Customers love feeling recognized by a business, and who doesn’t enjoy perks? By offering an increased incentive to continue to do business with you, you create a symbiotic relationship with your customer.

Downloading Loyalzoo onto your Clover device will allow you to sign customers up instantaneously. Loyalzoo is available on the Clover Station, Mobile, Mini, and Flex. Get more info here!

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