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The Most Effective Way to Clean Your Terminal

cleaning your terminal tips

It’s important to maintain the condition of your terminal if you want it to last. From updates, to repairs, to cleaning, there are small things you can do to keep your terminal in pristine condition. Although wear comes in many forms, you can stay on top of it and extend the life of your terminal by cleaning it regularly.

We recommend cleaning your terminal with a damp cloth towel soaked with water and no more than a tablespoon of dishsoap. We also suggest using a dry cloth towel for sensitive areas of the terminal that you’ll want to avoid getting wet. It is recommended to avoid using rubbing alcohol altogether, as it can damage areas made of plastic or rubber.

You’ll want to spray or wet your damp towel instead of directly spraying water or a cleaning solution onto your terminal - this could allow liquid to seep inside of your machine and cause damage. Avoid spraying the screens or displays directly, too! It’s always best to wet your damp towel beforehand.

Go ahead and wipe down all areas of your terminal, including touchscreens, which usually contain the most germs, the top, which accumulates the most dust, and other areas that need to be cleaned.

Make sure to clean any other attached accessories, like a printer or pin pad. However, avoid cleaning smart card readers or card swipers with any solution — instead opt for a dry paper towel if it needs cleaning.

Be sure to maintain the quality of your terminal, and you’ll see it last for years to come!

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