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Reassuring Your Customers’ Safety Concerns

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The biggest concern customers have nowadays regarding payments is the safety of their information. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, it has become crucial that credit and debit cards are protected against any and all kinds of security breaches so that a customer’s account and payment information is theirs, and theirs only. So what can you do to reassure your customers safety concerns and ensure protection?

1. Accept EMV payments.

This is no longer a preference, it is an absolute necessity for all businesses. With the adoption of EMV, many customers were hesitant, and worried this new technology it would be less safe. However, EMV chip cards prove to be the safest and most effective method of payment to date. In order to ensure your customers’ safety, make sure you have all terminals equipped for EMV payments and chip cards.

2. Train your employees.

Those who will be handling payments and transactions must be informed of proper protocol and handling procedures. You should also educate them on signs for scams like phishing, so that they know when to spot the warning signs. When your employees are well trained in payment processing safety and well versed in the signs of potential scams, it acts as an extra layer of security.

3. Keep passwords up to date.

4 out of 5 breaches are the result of stolen or easily guessed passwords, so it is important to have password policies in place on all terminals and devices that house delicate payment data.

You must make sure it is a strong password. You know how annoying it is when you have to create a password for something that needs lowercase and uppercase letters, special characters, and the like? Well, as much as we may dislike it, that’s actually for a reason. The more complicated a password, the harder it is for hackers and scammers to obtain it.

How does PayHub do this?

PayHub Payments prides itself on maintaining the utmost security for our clients. PayHub’s terminals are equipped with the latest technology and software, which are maintained and updated so that there is greater protection. Since EMV is the best in-place protection against breaches, we ensure that all terminals have this feature fully equipped. Even if a customer doesn’t have a chip card and uses a mag stripe, just having this extra layer of security embedded within the terminal puts them in a better position. When you have active measures in place to make payments secure, you are proving to your customers that they are a priority, and their safety matters.

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