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4 Things You Need to Make Your Checkout Station Better

Someone is heading up to your front counter to place a purchase – CONGRATULATIONS that’s a great success! But, should they approach a messy station, pens everywhere, finger prints on the counter, no space to put down their purchases, they might reconsider. While it’s important to get them to purchase, it’s even more important to deliver a top-notch experience through their time with you and your business.


Consider simple clean décor for your checkout counter. Adding a little color and a few natural elements will enhance their experience.

Pen Holder

Not only do some of your clients have to sign a receipt, they might also want to write information down. Give them the opportunity to take notes about a different size, new inventory, or anything else by keeping pens close by.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping things clean is key. Tiding up at open and close will help, but we’ve gathered some additional items to help keep your terminal clean.

Marketing Collateral

We are all about a repeat sale. Add a promotional post card, business card or message board to people know to tag you on social media, head to your website, or where to come when they want to shop again.

We are here for more than just providing you with merchant services, we want to help improve your delivery and shopper’s experience.

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