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Ways to Make the Checkout Process Faster

Big box stores are consistently testing new technology and tools to eliminate lines and make checkout faster.

Have you heard of the pickup tower?! Walmart implemented these in nearly 200 stores over the country. This innovative pick-up tower is a vending machine of sorts, it allows customers to order and pick up in store. Shop from the comfort of your own home, this novelty eliminates not only wait time in line, but it also eliminates shipping charges.

Here are some ideas to make your checkout process faster!

  • Use a terminal that tracks inventory

Using a terminal like the Clover Station gives you the opportunity to input all inventory and pricing, rather than keying in each price – one click of a button adds the product to the sale.

  • Accept mobile payments and be sure that your terminal is up to date

Accepting multiple forms of payment gives people the opportunity to pay with a credit card or their smartphone making the checkout process faster.

  • Be sure you have enough staff on during busy hours

Being well staffed helps all system process goes smoother, for examples if someone wants to put something on hold, while another customer is checking out – a separate staff member can record the holding information – team work is key.

  • Be sure your staff know and understand your terminal – or payment processing machine

Train your staff on how to use the device. Keep them up to date on any changes to pricing, or process.

  • Separate purchases and returns

Creating two lines will differentiate between buyers and people looking to make returns.

In such a fast paced world, long line = less sales. From self-checkout to mobile payment and everything in between, retailers are desperate to find ways to make wait time shorter and the checkout process faster. Give your customers a great experience with a smooth checkout process.

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