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Payment Processing for Restaurants

Payment processing shouldn’t be a one size fits all kind of thing. There are so many solutions for various types of businesses in all industries. From specific terminal types to the ability to process gift cards and offer other specialty services - your merchant services provider be familiar and knowledgeable about your industry in order to better services your business.

For example - would your business be better suited with a wireless terminal for transactions away from the checkout counter? The company you work with should be able to offer suggestions or equipment that works best for your business.

If you’re in the restaurant or food service business this is for you...

The restaurant business is fast paced, a great volume of traffic. It would benefit your business to accept credit cards.

Order More - Often times with cash only businesses, patrons will come with what’s in their wallet - and will only spend for that amount. People often spend more when they know they can use a credit or debit card. There are so many benefits of having a credit card these day - points, miles, rewards, etc. people are looking to accumulate every benefit.

Quicker Service - Solutions such as the Clover Mobile let you bring the checkout process to your customer. This WiFi integrated machine moves with your servers, allowing patrons to checkout while they are seated.

House Management - Payment processing equipment such as the Clover Station offer apps and tools such as Menu Boards, time clocks, online orders, reservation management, document signing for your work with vendors, and more to keep your front house and back house in order.

We have all the right ingredients for your business. To learn more leave a comment below or email

We have all the right ingredients for your business.

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