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Payment Processing Tips and Tricks

Your business services so many different people on a daily basis. You work to make your process smoother and more efficient to satisfy your customers and to be sure you are providing the best service possible to fit their needs.

We know the drill - happy clients = the best feeling ever. We want to do the same for you. Finding ways to make payment processing easier for your business is our job. We go far beyond just selling your terminals and equipment - our goal is to find the best strategy for your business to accept payments, in the most efficient way possible.

Payment Processing Tips for Your Business:

  • Using a terminal stand that secures your unit to the countertop will guarantee easy usage. A terminal stand will extend the life of your machine by reducing wear and tear.

  • Take advantage of terminal rentals! This simple solution allows for the best cash flow for your business. Have an event coming up - rent a wireless credit card terminal and accept payments off site. Rather than just networking at the event you’ll be able to sell and accept payment for goods.

  • The Payhub Gateway offers an invoicing module that allows you to email your clients an invoice. From there they can securely pay the invoice online.

  • Make a habit to clean your terminal on a regular basis. Keeping your credit card processing equipment clean will increase its useful life significantly.

Keeping in mind a few simple tips and tricks will make payment processing smooth for you - after all, ensuring that your business gets paid is pretty important. Looking for more information?! Let’s chat - email us

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