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In The Know: Updates in Credit Card Processing

It’s all well and good to be up on trending topic in your own trade. But, branching out to learn about what others in various spaces are doing can expand your view of credit card processing and inspire change and modernization in your respective field. Read on to see what’s going on in the industry as a whole.

Contemporary credit card processing solutions are helping traditional retail stores modernize their offerings, catering to a younger generation who use Apple Wallet and other forms of mobile payment.

Dollar General the iconic dollar shop has been around for decades, since 1939 to be exact. We appload their recent modernization in creating a self checkout app. Customers will be able to use their phone to scan products and pursue self checkout (in select locations). They aren’t looking to stop there - as the app is developed further they look to increase the easy of consumer experience with new updates.

The oh so delicious Shake Shack has been experimenting with “cashless” restaurants. A move that has been highly criticized because of the exclusion of patrons - someone who does not have a bank account, or someone who forgot their credit / debit card. However, this experiment is being tested for “for safety reasons, as well as improved efficiency for customers…”from

So many neat and exciting innovations going on around us. Retailers are making amazing moves to implement an easier and more efficient client experience. Though, the movement behind some more modern changes may be disputed - change always is.

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