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A Wearable Payment Method

Innovation In Payment Processing: Token

A fashionable, functional and most importantly secure, wearable payment method. What? Was any of that a typo - no! We recently discovered one of the most unique forms of payment (and other function of necessities) to date.

Token a wearable ring that stores credit cards, house keys, website credentials, car keys and so much more.


This ring is not only a gateway for payment and passwords it’s also a piece of jewelry. With neutral options in brushed silver, rose gold, and black carbon - Token makes it easy to include this in your collection as an everyday accessory. Made from 92.5% sterling silver the details are finalized with a polished finish.


The Token ring serves many purposes with simple set up. First, pair your ring with your phone using a specific Token app, next you scan your fingerprint using the ring, finally you add all necessary information - credit cards, house keys, car key, subway pass, the list goes on. It’s really as simple as one two three.

To use the payment function, a customer with the Token ring would hover over the payment reader on your terminal. Learn more here.


Created out of the concern for security on the internet and in the world today, Token reimagines the idea of secure payment. The information components registered to the ring are security stored in a tamper proof environment. Read more about security here.

Want to know the most incredible part?! The Token uses It uses NFC for payments so PayHub Payments clients can accept it today!

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