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Benefits for your Customers Who Use a Credit Card

If you’ve made your way to our blog you already know that we support credit card processing. We encourage you to give your customers the best possible shopping experience; we like to share ways to enhance your customer return rate, and escalate your new customer purchase value. With that, we also want to help keep you up-to-date and informed on all credit card processing benefits, so in turn you can keep your clients in the loop. With all this chat about customer experience we wanted to take some time to remind all merchants WHY consumers use credit cards, because credit card usage benefits both the merchant and the consumer.

  • Bonuses: Numerous credit card companies provide great advantages for building credit score. Sign-up bonuses occur when candidates create good credit, which allows these applicants to earn bonuses that can range from 50- 250 occasionally beyond the 250 mark. If money is not offered, some card companies administer points that can be transformed into gift cards or air travel.

  • Cash: Some credit card companies even arrange for customers to receive 1-5% cash back on their purchases.

  • Investments: It is possible to acquire higher rates of cash back, depending on the company. The stipulation is that the card holder deposits the money you received straight into an investment account.

  • Travel Miles: Who likes paying an arm and a leg for regular or even extra flight costs? Credit card companies offer credit available on a one mile per dollar or two spend, this can result in free flights and travel perks.

  • Points: Credit card companies are huge fans of point systems for their customers. In some cases card holders earn five points per dollar. Companies provide a target number they want users to reach, and once this happens the card holder can redeem gift cards for stores or provide the gift cards as gifts for others. This can help aid the stress of finances for the holiday season.

  • Fraud: Credit Card reduce the risk for fraud losses. If credit card information is compromised, the card holder has record and most often won’t be penalized. In most cases the process is simple to alert the credit card company of fraudulent charges.

  • Time: With a credit card purchase money does not get withdrawn from an account immediately. The money disappears, when the bill is paid, giving the card holder time to reconcile.

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