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How to Become EMV Compliant

Are you EMV compliant? Learn more about what that means HERE and HERE

How to become compliant:

All terminal manufacturers have released the EMV compliant software and you should be compliant!

  1. Contact your merchant services provider to verify your credit card terminal is available for compliance, if so, you will need to do a one time terminal download to update the software in your current credit card terminal.

  2. Upgrade your credit card terminal. Any new terminals that you purchase should be EMV Chip Card compliant. Since this is a mandate, when you are purchasing a new credit card terminal, make sure that you are purchasing a model that is compliant.

  3. Verify if you need to be compliant. Do you accept the credit card at the point of sale and swipe it? Or does you business accept credit cards online or over the phone?

  4. Not sure if you are EMV Chip Card compliant yet? PayHub can run a check with you over the phone, give us a call.

  5. More questions about EMV Compliance, reach out to us at PayHub!

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