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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We support the fight against breast cancer.

You can help this month by spreading awareness in your business whether that means adding pink ribbons to your window, putting up awareness month signs, or speaking with customers about what you’re doing for the community.

Think about donating a percentage of every sale in your shop to the cause during October. Decorate the store by using paper links (various shades of pink). For every dollar donated, a link will be made. The goal is to get the link to cover the perimeter of the store! (

You can even make your own symbolic pink ribbon to wear with these easy to follow instructions by the American Cancer Society. It’s the little things that really do make a difference.

Here are three simple things YOU can do this month (and all year around) as an individual to show your support.

1. Donate a mammogram to an uninsured woman.

2. Support “pink” businesses.

3. Take a woman to the doctor.

We’re always inspired by our clients willingness to help others. Let’s keep the conversation going every month! For more info on how you can help, make sure to visit

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