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The Benefits of Working with Payhub Payments

It can be a little overwhelming to introduce credit card terminals into any type of business. Payhub terminals are some of the fastest, most secure point of sale terminals available! Here are just some of the benefits to working with us.

The benefits:

  • Businesses want to work with Payhub because we offer customer service that’s available from 8:00am – 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday. We also offer 24-7 emergency customer support to all clients to handle any off-hour emergencies that may arise.

  • We provide you with a quick reference guide for performing the most common transactions on your new terminal (see inside box). Everything from making a sale to providing a refund.

  • You’ll be working with a company that has 10 years of expertise in credit card processing. We’ve worked with one location businesses as well as national retailers! Its allowed us to create a custom solution best fit for each business.

  • You’re given a wide variety of credit card processing equipment options from stand-alone terminals, to pin pads to extensive Point-Of-Sale machines. We have it all!

  • We now offer a terminal rental program! This simple solution allows for the best cash flow for your business. In our rent-to-own program, we will get you set-up with the equipment that is best suited to update your business and ensure you are in compliance.

  • One of the best ways to stay updated on everything Payhub is to subscribe to our email list. We like to keep our customers in the loop on industry updates, deals and promotions, plus tools to help grow your business.

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