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What's The Perfect Clover For Your Business?

How can you really know which terminal is right for your business? Well, we find that it helps to make a full list of your specific needs. If you’re a small boutique with a store that’s always on the go, you might consider a more portable machine. We’re always here to talk if you’re unsure about what you need! When it comes to credit card processing, we offer the best variety of machines that get the job done efficiently. Everything from small compact terminals perfect for on the go - to larger more substantial machines that you can count on. Keep reading to find your perfect match!

Discuss what you’re looking for with your team and decide on a few of your biggest qualifications for credit card processing. It’s helpful to know what your priorities are right from the beginning.

Are you looking to change the way you checkout customers?

It’s quick and easy to use clovers. The swivel feature makes it simple and even fun for the checkout process. Move the high def screen around for easy access when you’re processing a payment. Swing it back around and move on to the next person in line!! It takes seconds to run credit card transactions properly if you’re hoping to speed things up. Clover Station features a faster CPU and more RAM to ensure quick transactions.

You might be wondering what’s the right size for me - will this fit at my checkout area?

There are so many factors to finding the best terminal for your space. The clover mini would be perfect for a smaller checkout counter. Its overall dimensions are only 6.47” high and 8.0” wide.

The clover station is more substantial in size with an 11.6” high resolution touch screen attached to a 11”x 7.5” base plate. This is just the right fit for a spacious counter with ample room.

What if your business is on the go?

If you’re selling outside or in a food truck - any portable terminal is really your best option!

Clover Flex: Swipe, dip, and tap. Ultra-portable Clover Flex lets you accept payments at the counter, in the aisle, or anywhere else. Get deposits fast and easy - Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account as fast as the next business day.

A single, compact device is all you need to ring people up and take payments. The Clover Flex even prints receipts.

Clover Go: Clover Go lets you accept more types of payments with less hassle, including chip cards, contactless payments, and more. Its small hardware let’s you truly go anywhere with all the same capabilities as a larger machine. (

Is data security a main concern of yours?

Track shifts, create employee accounts and set permissions to prevent theft with any clover system. You can even get fraud protection up to $100,000. You and your customers will be in very safe hands.

Do you need help tracking inventory?

Clover has some amazing apps for managing your business. Keep track of all your products quickly and in real time with SimpleOrder and StockIt.

Would it be helpful to have a time clock for your employees?

Use Shifts to have your staff clock in and out directly at the terminal they were using. It will automatically streamline the simple yet crucial task.

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