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5 Tips For Setting and Achieving Social Media Goals!

Who wouldn’t love to have a few more followers on their social media channels? With a little bit of reflection and strategy, you’ll be on your way to setting measurable social media goals that are realistic for your brand!

If you own a storefront, e-commerce shop, restaurant etc. then you know it’s super important to have a social media following of some kind.

It allows you to directly engage with your clients on a more personal level, while also connecting you to potential customers. You really never know who might be out there searching for your exact products and services. Think about all the ways you’ll reach your target audience, with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - the possibilities are endless.

Our Tips:

  1. Get started by making a vision board of what you’d like your social media platforms to look like! Cut out snippets from magazines, take your own photos, and really think about what the look of your social feeds are going to be. Put all the elements on a quark board and place it above your computer!

  2. Think about how many followers you’d like to have in the next year - and make sure you’re thinking of a realistic number. For example, if you currently have 100, than 100k might be an unreachable goal. Start with aiming to gain 5 - 10 followers organically each week by engaging with members of your industry.

  3. #Hashtags are really your best friend when it comes to social media engagement and overall growth. Simply search a hashtags associated with your industry and pick one of the most popular, then follow, comment, and become familiar with the accounts associated with the hashtag.

  4. A great goal for your social media that seems simple, but has a huge impact is to generate leads to your website! You can do so by linking it to a Facebook or Instagram ad - where you not only control the type of person that sees it, but also which location they are located in.

  5. Achieve your social media marketing goals with platforms like Hootsuite that allow you to schedule posts, and even track how everything is doing with their analytics feature.

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