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Small Victories Are The KEY To Success (So Are The Celebrations!)

There is a reason why the "🎉" emoji is one of our top used emojis internally here at PayHub Payments. The last month was full of some pretty amazing celebrations. We celebrated the 9 year work anniversary of our Operations Manager, we welcomed (very openly) the first day of Spring, we have Get To Know Your Customers Day coming up in April as well as Earth Day! That is just the beginning - can you even imagine all the other well deserved and exciting opportunities that we will be able to celebrate this month?! Our team is BIG on celebrating. It is really important to us. Often we can get caught up in the grind. We have to do lists, vision boards, and goals we are striving towards. But slowing down, taking a look at the steps we are taking towards our successes is super important. Wouldn't it be so much fun to have something to celebrate every week or better yet, every day! Can you remember the last time you celebrated something that was not an obligatory birthday, promotion, anniversary or something similar? Have you ever just celebrated working out 5 days in a row, finishing the audio book you've been trying to finish for the last month or leave enough time to make your coffee at home before work? Take the time to acknowledge the small stuff makes pursuing the big stuff easier. AND it feels darn good. Find a way to give yourself a pat on the back. It doesn't have to be expensive, over the top or time consuming - but the real-life awareness of your accomplishments lets you be an advocate, a supporter of YOU! Each little celebration adds up. It might be hard to see at first, but as they compile and you foster these milestones, they will flourish into the most amazing things! We've created this weekly worksheet for you. Take a day-by-day approach to give yourself the time you deserve to highlight an accomplishment for the day! By the end of the week, you'll have SEVEN things to celebrate. Share your success with us @PayhubPayments or #PayhubPayments. We will throw you a virtual party! 🎉🎉Wahoo! Just remember, it may be a good idea to always have a little confetti on hand - it will enhance your celebration! 🎉

Small Successes By PayHub Payments

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