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What To Consider When Setting Up Your eCommerce Store’s Shopping Cart

Online shopping continues to grow in relation to brick and mortar sales, and customers today demand easy to use and safe payment methods when shopping online. Your eCommerce store is only as strong as its ability to satisfy customer needs regarding easy payment options.

Your eCommerce Store Must Have a Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are the different methods available for collecting payments from customers who make direct purchases from your eCommerce store website. Payments are generally collected and managed on your site’s shopping cart page, and your payment gateway refers to the methods of payment that you accept from customers.

There are a number of questions you should explore when determining what payment gateways your shopping cart should use.

Many shopping cart platforms have set up and monthly fees in addition to individual transaction fees, along with penalties and balance requirements. There can be transfer delays and customer service issues that you do not anticipate.

Many platforms are designed to lock your payment gateways into those supported by their platform. When you choose your shopping cart software, you should explore what options you have when selecting your choice of payment processors for your credit card payment gateways.

What Customers and You Should Expect from Your Store’s Payment Gateway

Payment gateways make your customers’ checkout process quick and simple. When payment is difficult or hard to navigate, the rate at which customers abandon products in their shopping care without completing payment skyrockets. Payment gateways also provide a secure and safe payment option for your customers that is protected by encryption.

Also, when you work with a quality payment processing partner company, your payments should be processed quickly and for a fair and transparent fee.

Choosing Shopping Cart Software and a Payment Processing Partner Company

Many web design platforms like WordPress provide easy and customizable plug-ins and other software that make adding payment gateways and a shopping cart very simple and straightforward.

For eCommerce store owners who have some programming and web design skills, a self-hosted shopping cart allows for a highly variable cart format without unnecessary monthly hosting fees charged by companies that provide managed hosting. Self-hosting also allows you to have total control over the look and feel of your shopping cart interface so that you can match it with the rest of your site and maintain your brand image exactly as you choose.

When you use a shopping cart software payment gateway with your eCommerce store, you can select multiple payment formats for your store. Every eCommerce store needs to be equipped to handle standard credit and debit card transactions.

Shopping cart software also allows for easy and effective mobile shopping for your customers. More and more online shopping is completed using mobile technology, and you can ensure that your shopping cart format works well with mobile displays and interfaces in order to maximize completed sales.

A good shopping cart platform will also provide you with useful merchant tools. Customer contact regarding abandoned carts, special offers, customer programs, and discount offers are all very effective marketing strategies for optimizing shopping cart sales through your eCommerce store.

PayHub Payments offers innovative and seamless payment processing shopping cart checkout for your eCommerce store. Whatever shopping cart software you decide is best for your eCommerce store, let us be your partner for rapid, reliable, and completely transparent payment processing. Contact us today for all of your business’s payment processing needs and we will explain our transparent and reliable fee structure.

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