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How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Efficient and cost-effective marketing is the lifeblood of many small businesses. Digital marketing should generate new business leads and also keep current customers engaged and returning. Email marketing has been around for some time and continues to produce strong results, and has moved beyond sales and promotions to involved strategies for providing useful content that attracts valuable customer attention. In this post, we’ll examine some of the most important benefits that email marketing currently provides to small businesses.

Targeted and Individualized Marketing

Maintaining a detailed email list with different variables allows you to segment existing and potential customers into various categories based on their shopping preferences. Segmented data allows you to craft subject lines and graphics that are most attractive to particular customers. When customers find your emails match their preferences, brand loyalty and engagement will naturally be enhanced.

Analysis Of Relevant Metrics Improves Email Content

Customers decide very quickly when they see your email in their inbox whether to open and read it or ignore and delete it. Data and analysis of email opening rates will provide strong feedback about what customers find interesting enough to open when they see it. Click-through rate analysis also provides information about what sort of content leads customers to click the links inside your content as well.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Speaking of click-throughs, emails are a leading method for getting customers to your website. Relevant links inside email content that lead to particular places on your website are fantastic for customer engagement. Analysis of the source of clicks to your website will also give you strong feedback about what email content is most successful in driving users to your website.

Increase Social Media Interaction

Your marketing emails should always include links for users to share your content across various social media platforms. When customers find your content to be useful and interesting they are much more likely to share it with their friends and followers. When new leads find links to your content through posts from trusted sources they are much more likely to engage them than something they randomly run across.

Establish Authority In Your Industry

Business owners want to be seen as leaders and experts in their industries. Providing relevant and interesting content to customers through email is a powerful method to build credibility and loyalty. Your customers have a natural interest in your industry and when you speak with authority about subjects of interest they will be likely to look forward to reading your messages. Customers who trust your opinion and information are likely to refer their friends to you and to return to you for future business.

Automated Sales Cycles

Email software programs allow you to design automated sales cycles. For some customers, you can create timed campaigns that automatically send messages to customer segments on subjects of interest to them. Other potential leads can be set to receive more generic drip emails to encourage initial engagement. Other messages can be designed for customers who engage with particular parts of your website or open a shopping cart that encourages follow up on purchasing decisions.

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