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How To Get Your Customers Engaged

Customer engagement is an important part of any company. It helps the business receive feedback, brand loyalty, awareness as well as a variety of other resulting benefits. Listed below are 6 ways you can keep your customer engaged within your company.

  1. Connections: Whether your company is big or small, it is important to make personal or emotional connections with the consumers. In this day and age, technology has a constant and strong presence, so there is no room for companies to create excuses as to why they cannot create a deeper connection with their customers through this channel. There are an abundance of outlets that companies can turn to to facilitate connections, whether it's through social media or personal client interaction. Introducing yourself, creating team graphics portraying the company's culture, posting business owner bios, or having brand ambassadors are all helpful ways to create those personal connections.

  2. Community: Online surveys, forums, and blogs are all great assets for building a loyal following based on community. This gives the customers an easy and accessible way to ask questions or provide comments, and even engage with other like-minded customers. Digital engagement through website and social media interaction is now a very valuable channel for all companies to create a welcoming community environment based on participating and listening.

  3. Promotions: Providing promotions or contests consistently proves to be a fruitful way to attract customers to your business. All customers love participating when they know a discount or free item is at stake. As a result of this many existing consumers will partake in online or in personal contests, but you will also gain the ability to get new customers involved. This will lead to a significant increase in brand awareness and interaction.

  4. Be Transparent: Make sure if a new product or service is launched, or changes occur within an existing one, you let you customers know. Informing your customers of the behind-the-scenes happenings within your company can be a great asset in increasing customer engagement. Let consumers know what you do during your day-to-day or any business updates-- it makes them feel like a part of the team. This resulting loyalty will lead to an increase in engagement between you and the customer, and keep them coming back for more.

  5. Content: Creating valuable, relevant, exclusive content for customers administered through email subscriptions, case studies, coupons etc. make the consumers feel special and valued. This also provides a consistent reminder that your brand is present, engaging, and wants to continue the business relationship.

  6. Events: Hosting an event for your company online or in person is a smart move if you want to have face-to-face engagement. This brings your brand to life, instead of conversing behind a screen or over the phone. A live event will also physically embody and portray to your customers what your business is about, how it performs, and allow for feedback sessions and much more.

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