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Find the Best Credit Card Terminal for Your Industry and Needs

You may have heard of or seen the different Clover™ terminals we offer - but do you know the best one for your business? Check out these quick explanations below:

  • Clover™ Station—this is the largest POS system Clover™ has to offer,and with good reason—it comes with a cash drawer and a receipt printer in addition to the monitor, so it is a good option not only for companies with high processing volumes, but a company that wants to be able to manage other aspects of their business all in one terminal, such as employees or inventory.

  • Clover™ Mini—the smaller version of the Clover™ Station, but you’re still able to manage other parts of your business, simply in a smaller format. It also comes with a built-in printer and a front-facing camera, for things like barcode and QR code reading.

  • Clover™ Mobile—need to take two terminals between two locations or expect to be on the road a lot? Then the Clover™ Mobile is a great fit, as you can still add applications and get accessories such as a swivel stand if you want to dock your terminal. It’s also a great option for scanning inventory or as an addition to your Clover™ Station for those really busy days.

  • Clover™ Go—this is a great option if you plan to be on the go and want something even smaller than the Clover™ Mobile. The Clover™ Go is a perfect fit if you want to be able to hook up to your current smartphone or tablet. And no worries—Clover™ grows as your business expands, so it’s a breeze to upgrade to other Clover™equipment as you go along.

Need more help? Contact us today so we can find the terminal your business needs to grow!

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