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Verifying Chip-Enabled Debit Card Transactions

Walmart filed a lawsuit against Visa in May in the New York Supreme Court. Walmart is suing on this matter due to Visa not allowing their customers to verify their chip enabled debit cards transactions only using a signature instead of a pin number. Walmart claims that these signature debit card transactions are a less secure method of payment and are a more expensive way to manage over Visa’s network.

Walmart believes that a pin number in today’s marketplace, is the only cardholder verification to guarantee the most security for your payment processing. It is now said today that chip cards are much more difficult to hack because of the feature allowing one time codes to process for every transaction. As a result of Visa implementing the signature transaction process, Walmart can no longer permanently enforce their customers to enter a PIN when they use a chip card, due to the fact that customers can now override this feature and just use a signature.


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