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Mobile Wallet Is The Solution

The Mobile Payment evolution is here.

When attending a concert, sporting even, craft show, any very busy and well attended event, no one wants the hassle of worrying where to put their personal belongings. Most people try to travel light, especially when attending these types of events. This is why Coachella and other music festivals have started the movement of cashless payments to improve the experience for festival lovers.

Who doesn’t hate missing their favorite song due to waiting in those long lines? Cashless payments eliminate this problem making the process a lot more efficient and simplified by providing a faster experience for buying merchandise, food, drinks and much more through a mobile wallet. All vendors will be accepting these payments at the festivals.

Could this be next type of payment processing that everyone accepts, not just available at concerts, but in stores, arenas, restaurants etc? Check out more great updates in the industry and more on our blog.

Source: Forbes

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