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Uber Switches to Android Pay

One way or another, everyone has heard of the application called Uber. This app is changing the game in many areas by providing a cheaper mode of transportation than the standard taxis. While also becoming the most popular application for transportation for college kids to get around campus, business journeys, or just the average person trying to get from point A to B, we can all see that it is taking over the transportation scene. Continuing to innovate, Uber also added a new feature called UberEATS, where it allows you to “get the food you want, from the local restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed”.

This company is also transforming the way they want people to pay and shaking up the payment processing market. They originally partnered with Google Wallet, making Google their primary way for customers to electronically pay for Uber rides using their phone, rather than entering in their credit card manually. Recently though, Google Wallet got the boot and a new payment processor slide in to take its place, called Android Pay. This means Google Wallet is no longer a support mechanism for being their payment processor. Uber is now limiting Android Pay to be their main service platform for their business. Due to the priority on convenience for Uber customers, Uber decided it was the smartest move to go ahead with Android Pay as a result of the new features that Android Pay offers instead of Google Wallet. It is said that Android Pay is becoming a leading company that provides a NFC tap and pay type of system, and this is one of the reasons that Uber partnered with them. Android pay is also accepting in app-and online payments adding more easily accessible type features for Uber customers.

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