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PayHub Has the Little Things You Need

Pin pads, mounts, paper, and more! The great thing about PayHub is that we offer all the little add-ons and extra necessities that many others don’t. You’ve just purchased a sleek new terminal, but now you’re tasked with the problem of trying to find the correct terminal paper that fits your machine. PayHub offers thermal paper in two distinct sizes, perfectly fit for any machine. PayHub also offers these products at a price lower than competitors, or your typical supply store.

You can also find a stand that perfectly fits your new machine too. Think about it, it won’t look so great to just have your new machine lying on the counter when it’s meant to be upright in a stand. Make paying easier and more accessible for customers with a swivel stand and an adjusted fit for your machine. Your terminal will be the envy of all your competition!

Check out our shop now to see all the great add-ons to make paying a better experience!

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