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Uber for Package Deliveries? What Exactly is Roadie?

The new innovation for fast package delivery is here and it’s in the form of a mobile app called Roadie. Roadie is the first-on-the way delivery network, with a strong resemblance to Uber, but for delivery services. This is an app that covers a lot of ground through mobile payment processing. Whether you need a package sent five minutes away or 500 miles away, Roadie just may have you covered. It involves 4 simple steps of reinventing the shipping business. You first create a "Gig" -- the actual shipment or package -- and post it in the mobile app selecting where it is coming from and where it is going to. Once this is completed, Roadie will match you with a driver that is headed that way, similar to Uber finding a driver near you. The user then chooses from the different drivers available at that time, where the drivers then choose based on price, ratings, location etc. This app then distributes the item straight to the door making it fast and easy for consumers. Anytime, anywhere delivery is available through this app, just set up a time and it’s all set. No extra charge on packing or extra supplies. Tracking and extra coverage is also available. With a blink of an eye, different payment processes are growing by the minute.


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