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5 Things to Keep Next to Your Terminal


Whether you're a pizza restaurant, furniture store, dry cleaner, dog groomer, or what have you, we have tons of equipment to keep your business running efficiently that will pair perfectly with your terminal. Here are just a few of the items you need that you can find in our online store.

  1. Terminal Paper: We offer a variety of sizes of paper, fitted for the multiple terminals that we supply businesses with. It’s always good to have a back stock for when you inevitably run out of receipt paper, so stock up and buy as many rolls as you need!

  2. Replacement Power Supply: These are great to keep with your terminal for when the unexpected happens, and you should be prepared at all times. Replacement power supplies are also customized for each terminal.

  3. Wifi Module: Tired of all those wires and plug ins? The wifi module eliminates the annoyance by turning your terminal into an all encompassing wifi operating system.

  4. Stands: Having a handy little prop for your terminal is a convenient piece of equipment that makes paying easier for customers. Prop your terminal up and add a swivel stand for ease!

  5. Pin Pad: Need EMV security? Our contactless pin pad is a portable MSR and EMV reader that involves mindless setup and accepts all EMV chip transactions.

To check out our store to see all the equipment we offer.

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