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Clover Go vs. Clover Go All-In-One


When it comes to the Clover, we offer an array of different options so that all businesses can use this great system. Whether it’s the Clover Go or Clover Go All-in-One, all devices are secure, easy, fast, and efficient! Today on the blog you’ll learn of the features offered by the Clover Go vs. Clover Go All-In-One, and the difference between the two.

Clover Go All-In-One is exactly what the name states: it can process countless payments from things like Apple Pay or Android Pay, as well as the traditional chip and swipe transactions. It connects with USB for charging mobile devices for payments and is compatible with various versions. All information is encrypted with Clover Security Plus. The battery life is long-lasting, with 160 EMV or 130 swipe transactions per charge, which is great for your booming business.

The Clover Go is just as good, but is more more geared towards quick traditional transactions. It accepts swipe and EMV chip payments, and also has Micro USB for charging and audio jack connector. This may be the device for those that don’t frequently have customers that use phone payments. Battery life is about 100 EMV transactions or 200+ swipe transactions per charge with efficient standby charge. All information is also encrypted with Clover Security Plus for optimum security.

The main difference between the two is the ability to accept phone payments with the All-In-One, and the additional battery life on EMV transactions.

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